Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hairy Plotter and Other Going Ons

Well, Hairy is still on the loose but his tracks were spotted by the Cheyenne Mtn. Zoo trackers behind a King Soopers close to the Broadmoor golf course. So, he's staying close to home but is still enjoying his freedom :)

We had a terrible windstorm a couple of days ago and it blew the Internet dish OFF the roof. This Internet service is not the one I use, it is the one my husband uses and is for our business. It is HUGHES.NET and we are not happy campers!

We have had this Internet for 10 years, 6 months ago HUGHES.NET said we had to update our dish. So, we did. They sent 2 teen agers, who take 4 hrs to set this up. The old dish, which was bolted to the side of the house had to come down and it was our responsibility to get rid of it (we paid $1,000 for this dish thru HUGHES.NET, now it was garbage) The new dish, according to the teen agers could not be put on the side of the house, it had to be put on the roof.

We told them we had high winds here and they said that the dish WOULD NEVER blow off the roof. That was a lie!!!!!!!

So, 2 weeks ago we had to have a tech come out because the Internet was not working. He came out and re-aligned the signal. The teen age boys had done it wrong and he was amazed we had a signal at all. He was here for 3 hours. I had to pay $100 for that call because the warranty on the new dish had expired ( it was only for 3 months but NO ONE told us). So we got signed up for a new warranty.

Now, the dish has blown OFF the roof and people, you do not know what a nightmare it has been to get someone out here. We are on day 3 and I have yelled and screamed at the call center, which is in India, to get it fixed. My husband took over and was calmer with them but we still have no one coming to fix it. My husband had to go to bed early last nite because his system rebelled from the stress and it started to shut down.

I got up early this morning and called again to the service center located in India. They finally after 4 calls gave me the phone # of the head company, here in the US, that handles service calls. They understood that we are a business and need the Internet up, they have put in calls to the person in Denver, Colo (an hour away from us) that does the service calls for HUGHES.NET. He has not answered them yet. So, we are still waiting.

The company we work for is very understanding (we are to start a new job, courthouse in Las Vegas) and they know we will get our Internet up and going.

I wish we could get rid of HUGHES.NET but they are the only Internet that can handle the arch. drawings. So, we are stuck and not happy about it.

What kills me, is that we had this service for 10 years and hardly a problem. We update and we have had nothing but problems. Plus, we have to pay for this service call because they say its a natural disaster and the warranty doesn't cover it. That's a real pisser!


Lydia said...

Not a good story! In fact, a bad story! But by including the company in your labels you have gotten back at them for the hassles. It's all very stressful, so I hope you are taking good care of yourselves otherwise.

Looking to the Stars said...

Lydia, your right its not a good story and the stress level is so high. I worry about my husband so much. I am trying to keep everything low key for him. I couldn't sleep last nite, I was trying to come up with a solution but can't. Just have to accept it.

I hope with the labels that this might save someone else the nightmare we've had, if they have a choice :)

It is so good to hear from you :)

Kay Dennison said...

One word: Arrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh!

Looking to the Stars said...

Kay, my feelings also :)

Beth Niquette said...

Man, that sounds like a nightmare.

Looking to the Stars said...

Beth, it was sure am glad its over :)