Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Year of the Snake

I am a huge Feng Shui person. I decorate my house , as well as I can, following the teachings of Angi Ma Wong. To me she is the best.

So, this year is the year of the snake. It starts Feb 10th. The Grand Duke is in the SE (southeast), the 5 Yellows is in the SW (southwest) and the 3 Killings is in the East.

On Feb 10th I will be placing something metal in the southeast corner of our house, the southwest corner is getting a brass pagado wind chime and the dragon tortise will go in the east corner.

My parents were big Feng Shui people before it was popular here in the U.S. so it is not surprising that I am also :)

If you are wondering what this does, it wards off all bad things and makes your home in harmony with life. You could call our house the Harmony Hut, lol.

take care

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Looking Back on 2012

We had a busy year, hubby had to learn to draw autocad in a totally different way. We had to invest a good deal of money into the business to do this. He also had to become AWI certified.

We bought a new car, new to us, we never buy new new cars, lol.

I hurt my back and I have therapy 3 times a week, I will be moving to 2 days a week soon :)

We spent Thanksgiving with the in laws, tho it was a week after Thanksgiving because that is when I hurt my back.

The boys are doing good with a new vet.

We are no longer on facebook.

And I am learning inner peace.

I know some of you lost loved ones this past year and I grieved with you, others welcomed newcomers into their ranks and I rejoiced with you.

The circle of life continues as we go into 2013, I wonder what the year holds for us, whatever it is we will laugh, cry and move forward.

May your year be a blessed one :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

To All My Blogger Friends

courtesy of Disney

Have a good one :)